Chicken Shish


Chicken shish, trapped in the whole water for grilled fire, is a food that we highly recommend for you to try. When you try chicken shish, it will keep you happy all day.
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Chicken Shish

Turkey’s first registered pita maker Nizam Pide, has a lot of different food in their menus. Chicken shish was the one of them. We make the chicken shish product like at the beginning of our cultural tastes. We do not throw our chickens directly into the grill. We wait until 1 day with our special sauces in our special cupboards. At this time, the chicken meat that has lost all the hardness is almost turned into a cottonseed. Words do not suffice to describe the taste of this. The chicken meat, which has been softened well, seals the taste of the grill as soon as it sees the grill. As a result, every piece of chicken skewer that comes to your table will take you to the land of flavor.

You can consume our chicken skewer product with our special lavash and you can consume it directly as a portion. Beside the chicken shish, prepared with the touch of our talented cook masters, beside products such as roasted pepper, roasted tomatoes, onion, bulgur pilaf are served. Beside these, you can expand your flavor limits a bit by try one of our various and rich salad types. As Nizam Pide, we try to get quality in all our products and we are use first class and abundant materials. We have not abandon our quality line since the 70’s and we’ve won thousands of regular customers on this. Rather than selling chicken shish, our main goal is to see the smile that is given by your satisfaction in your face after consuming chicken shish. Since its foundation, Nizam Pide has been continuing its business life as a business that focuses on customer satisfaction.

With your family or with your loved ones you can come to Nizam Pide branches. Our venues are large and spacious enough to accommodate any organization. Istiklal Street, Galatasaray and Harbiye in the regions are three main branches. We wait for you to eat chicken shish in our branches open every day of the week.

Our customers who cannot come to our branches or because of the heavy life tempo can buy chicken shish with package order options. All you must do is using our web page or call us to create an order.

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