Lamb Shish

Lamb shish, which are taken from the most beautiful regions of the lamb and that are marinated in our special sauce, are transformed into a work of art by our talented chefs, waiting for you with a taste that you will never forget.
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Lamb Shish

When the lamb shish kebab flavor called first comes to mind is ready for tasting in Turkey’s first registered pita maker Nizam Pide. The finest meats of Thrace lambs meats are taken and they wait at least 1 day in sauces mixed with fatty and special spices. The meat, which is already very soft, softens well with this finishing and turns into a soft meat when it is thrown into the grill. We never dry the meat and trap the water to get the best flavor. As Nizam Pide, who always prepares the best ingredients and kebabs, from half a century ago till today, all the ingredients used, not only our meat, are supplied from local producers who have worked for the first year and for many years. As Nizam Pide, one of the pioneers of gourmet delicacies in our country, we never use ready-made packaged products. We care use of organic products.

Lamb shish is served with lavash, sumac bulb, bulgur pilaf, roasted tomatoes and pepper. Like all of our products, our lamb meat product is also prepared with plenty of ingredients, so you can have a hearty meal with just one portion of it. Our milk is also famous, we recommend you to consume rice pudding, which has a wonderful flavor after a regular flavor such as lamb shredded shish.

İstiklal Street, Harbiye and Galatasaray branches are open every day of the week and our smile-faced workers are waiting to welcome you. Our venues are suitable for families and large groups of friends, and you can eat your meals.

Customers who request lamb skewer in packaged form may give the order by being one of Beyoglu, Taksim, Dolmabahçe, Karaköy, Kabataş, Şişhane, Kasımpaşa, Kurtuluş, Nişantaşı, Beşiktaş regions. You can create your order within just a few seconds using our internet site or by calling us on the phone line.

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