Adana Roll

Turkey’s most valuable fast food products that Adana Wrap, lamb-beef mixture contained in, we’re changing the definition of flavor with special oils and spices. Adana roll with at least 1 day of finely chopped meat and sumac’s onion is a taste you should try.
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Adana Roll

Special spices from Adana, lamb meats from Thrace region and beef from our special producer, Adana roll is a perfect food prepared by our talented craftsmen. Chopping machine never used for cutting and thus the whole flavor of the meat is preserved. Dough prepared with special spices for 1 day and waited on a greasy sauce, after which the unique flavor is reached on the roasted fire. There is onion with sumac in Adana roll, which is served between lavash or pita which we made. We add additional materials according to your request.

Adana Roll, which has all the characteristics of Adana culture, is as hot as almost all regional dishes. However, since all of these hot are made from natural peppers, they do not disturb the person after the meal, and on the contrary, they are still eager to consume even though they are eaten with satisfying appetite. Nizam Pide is very assertive not only in pita area but also in local kebab tastes. Nizam Pide, which makes use of Adana’s delicacies while preparing Adana rolls, ensures that the meat to be used in rolls is best controlled by local producers and on-site. Nizam Pide maintains the same method in the Adana roll product, which has never disturbed its taste standard by choosing its suppliers from local producers since the 70’s.

Adana Roll can be easily consumed at any time because as being Nizam Pide, our biggest target is to satisfy our customers by using plenty of materials in all our products. The criterion for success for us is not to sell more products but to express our customers’ satisfaction. Seeing this expression is our greatest achievement. We have been working for this purpose since the 70’s, and we are proud of being able to win thousands of prospective customers.

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