Special Kebab

Nizam Pide’s special food, Special Kebab. Even the image of this kebab will make you happy. A mixed grill with plenty of variety at the same time. Special kebab is the most amazing product you can eat in Nizam Pide in the name of kebab, it replaces a big meal and it brings happiness to you all day.
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Special Kebab

Nizam Pide, which brings innovations to the mixed kebab grill, prepares each of its products according to its own region. Wings, urfa, adana, lamb skewers, chicken skewers are served with sumacs onion, bulgur pilaf, roasted pepper and roasted tomatoes. As Nizam Pide, as in all our products, we also use abundant materials in Special Kebap. It is a very special kind of kebab, as can be understood from the name of the special kebab, which is quite satisfying even for 1 portion.

It is a mixed grill that we think is suitable for those who want to taste very little but not every taste. Normally, the price of mixed grilles is high, but we care about customer satisfaction, and we decided to be customer friendly at this point.

The main reason why the kebabs in Nizam Pide, which is the meeting point of local flavors and gourmet meals, are so tasty and which are constantly consumed by their attendants, is that we are very careful in the procurement process. We have a supply chain that we carefully select our suppliers to spice up beside our lamb and veal meats. We always work with the best local producers to get first class quality products.

One of the most important things that add so much flavor to our kebabs is our skillful craftsmen. These kebabs, which come from the hands of our talented craftsmen who master their food in every way, are almost in love. All our meats are kept soft in our sauces at least 1 day in advance and made soft like cotton.

If you want to come to Nizam Pide and taste these wonderful regional delicacies, we are waiting for you in one of our 3 main branches in Istanbul as soon as possible.

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