Kashar Cheese Pita

Do not forget to try our kashar cheese pita, which are prepared with plenty of ingredients and our master’s special dough and loved by everyone. We are waiting for your orders to try this hearty flavor from our specially designed ovens that are only heated by wood fire.
Turkish Meals - Madonna Lily Hygiene Certificate


Kashar Cheese Pita

Plenty of fresh kashar cheese pita that we have prepared for those who want to consume the meat without meat, is also attracted by our vegetarian customers. Nizam Pide, who is very careful about hygiene and who is one of the few prizewinners in this field, prepares the kashar cheese pita in hygienic award-winning kitchen. All materials used in the pita are imported from their respective regions and daily. Turkey’s first registered pita maker and true pioneer of this Nizam Pide, always uses premium materials in its products. It has been able to offer customers the same taste for many years and it has become a place where customers have been choosing for years.

We brought Rize’s cultures and pitas to you in Istanbul. The kashar cheese pita is prepared by our Black Sean masters, each of whom specializes in Black Sea dishes. You might think that you are eating a local pita in Rize. We especially look forward to welcoming our guests who will meet for the first time with the Black Sea culture, kashar cheese and all other regional specialties.

As Nizam Pide, we take the goods of our products directly from the producers we control. All of these producers are local and we bring the ingredients that is belongs to its fame area. Kashar, special dough and butter with this meeting emerged with the Kashar Cheese Pita is not only the day of consumption is a flavor you will want to consume on the next days.

Our branches in Harbiye, Galatasaray and Istiklal Caddesi, all of our rooms are spacious and spacious rooms suitable for family. We are also bringing your orders to you with our fast settlers to Beyoglu, Taksim, Dolmabahce, Karakoy, Kabatas, Sishane, Kasimpaşa, Kurtulus, Nisantasi, Besiktas regions. We are looking forward to welcoming you every day of the week at Nizam Pide, the venue of local delicacies, and presenting our delicious delicacies to you in the best possible way.

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