Mushroomed and Kashar Cheesed Pita


Be sure to try our Mushroomed and Kashar Cheesed Pita that we have prepared for those who do not like meat or want to eat a stylish lunch. A rich taste of organic mushrooms and plenty of fresh pita awaits you. You must absolutely taste this flavor.
Turkish Meals - Madonna Lily Hygiene Certificate


Mushroomed and Kashar Cheesed Pita

Nizam Pide produces great products registered as Turkey’s first pita maker. We appreciate our Mushroomed and Kashar Cheesed Pita product thanks to its ingredients and it is a very light product. The mushrooms that the domestic producers have carefully produced and the large amount of freshly baked kashar cheese are served on the table. Nizam Pide has been the same standard since the 70’s, and the quality principle is a big precaution. All the materials used in all our products are supplied from the producers, both organic and locally.

As a result of paying great attention to hygiene rules, we have received many awards in this field. Our kitchens are clean and open to all our customers. We are always ready to welcome you with our gentle staff in our spaces designed to make you feel at home at all times.

The Mushroomed and Kashar Cheesed Pita made by our Blacksea Region cooks uses completely natural ingredients in this special dough. It is cooked in a special oven which we heated with wood fire.

Mushroom Couscous Pita is large enough to provide you with a good quality meal with plenty of ingredients. It does not get dandruff thanks to the special dough and opens your appetite and allows you to eat with pleasure. As Nizam Pide, we would like to present you the unique flavors of the Black Sea region and the taste of Mushroomed and Kashar Cheesed Pita in our spacious places in 3 districts of Istanbul. For now, we serve every day of the week in our places in İstiklal Street, Galatasaray and Harbiye.

The most important feature of the fungicidal pesticide is its hot consumption. For this reason, our aim is to bring hot pita as hot as its original, and our couriers are reached your order with special packages. We want to see you in our place as soon as possible.

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