Pita with Pastrami and Egg

Have you ever tried your Pita with Pastrami and Egg, which makes you happy even? Do yourself a favor and do not waste any more time without tasting this flavor.
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Pita with Pastrami and Egg

The delicious Pastrami we brought from Kayseri, the finely chopped state and the organic egg breaking right in the middle of the heated pita… the result ; our most wanted pita: Pita with Pastrami and Egg. Thanks to the special dough, we guarantee that the bacon and egg are the best flavors of the pita with egg.

Turkey’s first registered pita maker Nizam Pide, for years to be chosen by the customer and the reason is always the same taste goers ability to offer their customers. The most important feature that makes this possible is the purchase of all products from the locality of the materials and from the reliable producers themselves. Nizam Pide’s Pita with Pastrami and Egg, has a lot of quality food in it. For example pastrami comes from its homeland, Kayseri. Nizam Pide, who have been working for years and producing top-quality pitas never use ready-made products. As Nizam Pide, we are care about quality and customer satisfaction. For that we are the one of the best pita maker of our country.

After ordering your Pita with Pastrami and Egg, we prepare it with cooked in wood fire by our Black Sea Region masters, your Pita with Pastrami and Egg will be ready shortly after your order. You will find that the dough is extra crunchy and plenty of stuff. It is a great idea for dinner as it will be consumed for breakfast, with a pastry egg pita to replace a fully productive meal. Attention is also paid to the fact that all the products are organic, from the special dough, to the internal materials and even to the wood burning in the oven. All pitas are served warmly in Nizam Pide. You may also order your Pita with Pastrami and Egg on our webpage or just calling us.

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