Atomic Rice Pudding

This pudding, which is a magnificent dessert and a work of art by itself, is a complete source of energy with Black Sea hazelnuts, dried fruits, honey, bananas and Turkish delight. For years, we offer you the best rice pudding rice pudding Turkey and atom is the best of them.
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Atomic Rice Pudding

Known as Turkey’s famous pita creator Nizam Pide, first began its career with the rice pudding production. Rice puddings, one of the most important delicacies of Turkish culture, has been produced with great care for 40 years and presented to our customers. There are a lot of people comes to Turkey from many different areas to the Nizam Pide branch are want to taste the rice pudding. We owe the quality of our milk to our talented craftsmen and first-class quality materials we use.

As the name implies, Atom Rice Pudding is a product that gives energy to the consuming person. Inside there are the wonderful rice pudding, various materials on it. Our dairy products are always fresh and daily, we never use old milk or the obsolete material for production of our puddings. All our products are organic and always buy from local producers. We never use packaged roducts.

Daily fresh milk is boiled in hygienic conditions and rice and sugar are added to it without adding any additives. Once thoroughly mixed, it is baked until the top is baked in our historic oven, which is heated with wood, poured into the soil jars, which are completely organic. The poultices left to rest for 24 hours are then served to our customers.

Atomic rice pudding is a complete source of energy and allows you to stay very lively for a long time. You can eat before meals or you can eat alone. As Nizam Pide, we use plenty of materials at the same time as we use high quality materials in all of our products, Atomic rice pudding will give you more than enough.

Our Atom Rice Pudding product can be consumed in our spacious places and family environment by coming to Istiklal Street, Harbiye and Galatasaray branches.

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