Fruity Rice Pudding

We add Black Sea hazelnuts, bananas, strawberries, kiwi and other seasonal fruits on the Rice Pudding in a wood oven, and a wonderful rice pudding comes out. The fruity rice pudding that emerges as a fresh flavor will provide you with a great meal.
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Fruity Rice Pudding

When Nizam merges with the famous Fruity and Rice Pudding, a wonderful Fruity Rice Pudding emerges. We provide milk from the local producers on a daily basis to our dairy farmers. As we continuously follow our supply chain, all the materials to be used in our products are supplied as first class. Thus, our customers have been able to find the same rice pudding taste in Nizam Pide branches for 40 years. The fresh milk supplied for the pills of Nizam Pide is boiled and contains only rice and sugar. The fruit puddles where no other additives are found are filled with natural pots made of earth after a certain degree of skillful ingenuity has been achieved. Then, a special stone oven heated with wood fire is driven. Fruity Rice Pudding is prepared so you will never forget the smell and taste.

For our customers who prefer to eat rice pudding with a little more fresh fruit instead of plain, we were able to reveal the product of fruity rice pudding. Fruits are usually made using banana, strawberry, kiwi or the freshest fruits of that season and the nutritious value of the dessert is increased by filling the famous hazelnuts. For 40 years, Nizam Pide has been offering all its products to our customers with plenty of ingredients, and our very delicious puddings are at the same time satisfying.

Our branches are open every day of the week, including Istiklal Street, Galatasaray and Harbiye. We look forward to welcoming you with our smile-faced staff and delicious tastes. All of our branches are spacious.

Apart from these, valuable customers who want to order package service can use our internet site. You can easily make your payment with our credit card in the next step by adding Fruity Rice Pudding or other desired products. Customers who do not want to use a credit card can use the payment option at the home. Our package service network covers only Beyoğlu, Taksim, Dolmabahçe, Karakoy, Kabataş, Şişhane, Kasımpaşa, Kurtuluş, Nişantaşı, Beşiktaş regions.

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  1. Fotodor

    Abdullah AYTEKIN: Definitely you should try Nizam Pide and rice-milk pudding. Do not forget to say atom while ordering pudding.

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