Rice Pudding with Apricot and Fig

Nizam Pide’s famous oven is served on top of pancakes filled with first class rice pudding with apricot and fig. This 40-year-old flavor produced using the finest ingredients will make you happy with Rice Pudding with Dry Apricot and Dried Figs.
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Rice Pudding with Apricot and Fig

Nizam Pide, which is a 40 year old classic flavor, creates gourmet delights by adding different ingredients to rice pudding. One of them, Dry Apricot Dried Figs, also combines the freshness of the fruits beside the sweetness of the milk, revealing both a high energy taste and a refreshing snack. Through our proprietary as a pita maker, Turkey’s first profession, we have begun with our lives since the 70s with rice pudding and today we are capable of doing this job in the area of rice pudding in Turkey. Our secret is very simple; we are always using the best quality ingredients and thanks to our wood oven we are using the natural cooking method.

For rice pudding with apricot and fig, firstly fresh milk from the best producers is boiled. Nizam Pide never uses in the manufacture of packaged milk or pasta and stale milk products. Rice Pudding with Dry Apricot and Dried Figs is natural because only rice and sugar are added to boiled milk. Because no other additive or consistency material can enter the milk. This mixture we have prepared put to the stone oven with the pots made from the soil after reaching the right congeal. Our stone oven is completely natural and heated by wood fire. After that, the dried fruits we bought from the best producers are added to the rice pudding according to the preference of our customers. Rice Pudding with Dry Apricot and Dried Figs are very satisfying and a strong intermediate to make your day go well.

You can consume Rice Pudding with Dry Apricot and Dried Figs one of our 3 branches in Istanbul as a guest. Our branches in Galatasaray, Harbiye and İstiklal Street are wide and suitable for your families. We have enough space in every kind of organization and crowd of friends. You can consume dry apricot dried fig plant product every day of the week and every hour as guests in our branches.

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