Rice Pudding With Ice Cream

Are you ready to meet the indispensable flavor of summer days? Milk, that is made with organic and fresh milk, which is not an artificial additive substance, combines with organic ice cream and gives you a refreshing taste.
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Rice Pudding With Ice Cream

We combine ice cream, which is the most preferred food of the summer months, with our special product, milk, and offer a taste that everyone likes. The materials used are totally organic so it is a blessing for our customers who are looking for quality in local flavors. As Nizam Pide, we have not ruined our taste for 40 years. The secret is that we always use first class materials. We are proud of providing the best products to our customers for many years since we have been under strict supervision of our suppliers.

The milk used as an additive in the ice cream is taken from the best producers every day. Milk is used freshest. Then, in these hygiene-winning Nizam Pide kitchens, only the rice and sugar are added into these milks. In the hands of our talented craftsmen, this mixture is the most suitable consistency without adding any additives. This healing resource is poured into the coarse soil pots. The historic stone furnace is already ready with the heat of the woods, and the puddles that have been poured into the pots are put into this wood fire. In order to reach the full flavor, we will serve our customers after waiting 24 hours in a cool environment.

Rice puddings are served with 100% Maraş ice cream when their service is ready. According to the season, a few fruits are placed on the ice cream pudding. Turkey’s first registered pita maker, Nizam Pide, has a 3 branch in Istanbul. You can come to our branches with your crowded family and friends groups and you can choose one of these delicious ice-cream puddings or dozens of different kinds of kebab, pita, and sweet products. We are waiting for you every day of the week to present the best food of Turkish cuisine with our gourmet staff and local gourmet delicacies.

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