Half Chicken Roast

When anyone tried to taste our half chicken roast, they decide to try it for a later time again. You will have to try our Half Chicken Roast product, which will make even the ones who do not like the eat chicken skins.
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Half Chicken Roast

The most important issue in chicken roast products is the quality of the chicken and the naturalness of fever. The flavor that will emerge when these two are combined is incredible. Half Chicken Roast is a product that one person can get very comfortable and get enough. We recommend you come to a Nizam Pide branch as soon as possible in order not to be deprived of this taste more.

As Nizam Pide, since 1982 we want to present the customers the most delicious tastes of Turkish cuisine as well as gourmet delights. Half Chicken Roast as well as all kinds of Turkish kebabs, dozens of different types of pita, socks, desserts and breakfasts with every kind of meal. You may be addicted to these gourmet delicacies by coming to Nizam Pide branches. We have been providing the same taste standards for 40 years because we are using materials in every first-class quality and working with talented masters. We expect you to have our branches open every day of the week to consume the Half Chicken Roast product made by our Blacksean in the most hygienic environments.

Nizam Pide is currently located in only 3 regions of Istanbul. Nizam Pide, which has 3 central district branches like İstiklal Street, Galatasaray and Harbiye, is looking forward to welcoming you with gourmet delicacies and smile-faced staff. All the branches of Nizam Pide, where delicious delicacies of Turkish cuisine are served, are spacious. It is our branch where you can have a pleasant time with your family and friends’ groups and even feel yourself at home.

You can also tell us what you want as a package order for our Half Chicken Roast product or our other products. We are now serve only Beyoglu, Taksim, Dolmabahçe, Karakoy, Kabatas, Şişhane, Kasımpaşa, Kurtuluş, Nişantaşı and Beşiktaş regions but this service network will be expanding soon. Our products such as chick roast are delivered to you hot.

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