Ezogelin Soup

Ezogelin soup, with its local spices and high nutritional value ingredients, is a great soup to be consumed before every kebab. You, our esteemed customers, can eat these soup before you demand them, and you can request these nutritious soups, either peppery or not peppery.
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Ezogelin Soup

Nizam Pide is one of the famous pita maker of Turkey. It is famous with kebabs, soups and desserts. Ezogelin soup, one of the most important soup of Turkish Cuisine, is one of the most consumed soup which is both historical and today’s consumed. Though it is hard to keep up the quality because it is made with plenty of material, you can be sure that we will always offer you the same taste with Nizam Pide’s talented masters. Local produce is always used in everyday souvenirs and prepackaged products are not used.

Ezogelin soup is nicer when it is spicy. For this reason, the most important thing that determines the taste of the soup is spices. Nizam Pide, which always uses local and organic materials in its products, also provides the spices used by Ezogelin soup from local producers. We always keep the quality standard of our products always high thanks to our suppliers that we constantly inspect the quality control.

Our ezogelin burger is served with bread prepared with wood flour and special dough. Then, even if you cannot eat kebab or pita, you can get rid of hunger by consuming both hearty and healthy soup.

We wait for one of our branches as soon as possible to present our snacks, kebabs and even our desserts to you. We are only in the most important places of Istanbul yet, but we also have our aims to open our branches in Istanbul and even elsewhere in our country. For now we have Istiklal Street, Galatasaray and Harbiye branches, our guru-faced staff in each of our branches are ready to serve you. Nizam Pide, which is open every day of the week, has very suitable and spacious spaces for your crowded family and friends groups.

Our valued customers in Beyoğlu, Taksim, Dolmabahce, Karakoy, Kabatas, Sishane, Kasimpasa, Kurtulus, Nişantasi and Besiktas can order packages and consume ezogelin soup in their homes or work places. Our quick couriers deliver the product to you with special packaging that prevents the pouring of the soup. You can always call us on our website or phone number to create a package order.

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