Kale Pache Soup

The soup, which can be easily consumed in all seasons, strengthens the immune system and can be eaten especially by those who know the taste. We assure you that you will be ready to go to your daily job.
Turkish Meals - Madonna Lily Hygiene Certificate

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Kale Pache Soup

Kale pache soup is very difficult and a bit tricky to make at home. But you can come and taste the delicious sheep’s head and foot soup we prepared for you. We are very assertive about the flavor of our soup because we are very confident in our quality materials that we use in our skillful crafts and soup. On this note, the consuming person gives the feeling of fullness and energy. The garlic you will add to it will make the soup even tastier. The pickles you eat next will make you even more appetite.

As Nizam Pide, we are trying not only to serve pita but also to serve our customers in kebab, soup and dessert areas since the 70’s. In this direction, we take all the materials that we use in our products from our producers themselves and pay attention to the fact that these producers are daily producers of local delicacies. We are proud of being able to present our taste to our customers for the same quality for 40 years since we have never prepared our products using ready-made packaging materials. We are aiming to see that smile on the face of our client.

Our customers who want to consume sheep’s head and foot soup in their homeland, Nizam Pide Branches can consume as a guest to one of our branch branches which is only 3 for now. Nizam Pide is now serving Istanbul with İstiklal Street, Galatasaray and Harbiye branches. Our branches are suitable for crowded groups of friends and families. Nizam Pide, who thinks every detail in order to make you feel at home with its spacious and spacious environment, expects you every day with its smile face staff and branches.

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