Chicken Wing Grill

Chicken lovers know that; chicken wing is the most delicious part of chickens. There is a wonderful layer of skin on the flesh of the flavor on the fine bone, you need to try our Chicken Wing Grill absolutely.
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Chicken Wing Grill

As you know, Nizam Pide uses first class quality materials in all the products you offer. The chickens we use in the chicken wing product are supplied from the best producers and care is taken to be organic meat. You can safely consume the dishes you eat at this place, just like at home. In front of the chicken wings cooked in the fire by our cooks, a fatty sauce is prepared and they lose all their hardness. With the chicken wing grill, we have created a wonderful product that will satisfy you, and we invite you to our branches for your taste as soon as possible.

Chicken Wing Grilled products are served with rich foods such as bulgur pilaf, salad, roasted pepper and tomato, sumac onion. We especially advise you to add our own custom made ice-cold ayran next to your chicken wing grill order. Nizam Pide does not only focus on the dishes in the main menu but also the smallest items we use. Our spices are supplied organically from the best producers of our country. The difference of Nizam Pide from all other kebabs and pitas is that they are very meticulous in the material procurement process. In this respect, our customers have always preferred us with our taste standard which has not changed since the 70’s.

The chicken wing grill is served with plenty of other ingredients as well as all our other products. In this case, even a portion of chicken wing grill is a huge meal. Since we never use ready-made packaged products, you will never be bothered after eating, you will enjoy your meal.

Nizam pita has branches in Istiklal Street, Galatasaray and Harbiye districts in Istanbul. The places of Nizam Pide, which has been serving in these regions for many years, are spacious places. You can eat your food with friends or with family. We are waiting for you in our branches every day with our smiled faced employees.

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