Tomato Kebab

Have you tried the tomato kebab prepared with the meats of lamb meat and tomatoes cooked on the grill? Tomato kebab prepared with plenty of onion, hot mash, parsley and lavash is served to our customers.
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Tomato Kebab

Turkey’s first registered pita maker Nizam Pide, offers its customers not only in the field of local delicacies pita but also in the field of kebab. The lamb’s meats to be used in the kebab of the tomato are brought from the region of the Thrace region, the region of the most delicious lamb in our country. We always keep our taste and quality standards at the same level by constantly checking our suppliers. In this respect, we have been able to earn the satisfaction of our customers since the 70’s.

Tomato kebab is served with lamb meat cooked in a broiler fire and served with roasted tomatoes. You can feel the acidic taste of tomato and the softness of lamb meat. Snacks should always be at the kebab table. Tomato kebab is accompanied by sumac, onion, parsley and bitter crushing. Besides these, we also have a wide variety of salads and hamlets. In addition to this delicious taste, you can digest your cats by drinking an ice-cold ayran and a coke. The open deer is very foamy and very ambitious about taste.

Nizam Pide is indebted to the quality materials and talented masters who have succeeded in all the delicacies they offer. Not only meat, kebabs and spices, and all other ingredients used are bought from suppliers who have worked for the first year and for many years. We have been offering organic and gourmet delicacies to our customers since the 70’s. There are plenty of ingredients in the tomato kebab. Except for breakfast, it is suitable to be consumed at any time of day; it is a light kebab with fresh meat and useful oils inside.

Tomato kebab is ready for your taste now Istiklal Street, Galatasaray and look forward to one of our branches in question. Those who wish to consume, taking the form of kebabs our takeaway at work or home in Beyoglu, Taksim and Dolmabahce, Karakoy, Stone, Sishane, Kasimpasa, Independence, Nisantasi, can refer to the flavor of our kebab ordering from Beşiktas. By ordering by internet and telephone, you can make sure that your kebabs are as warm as your door.

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