The Mixed Grill

All our meats are taken from domestic producers and rested for at least one day to bring softness like cotton. Thanks to this method you will have a great meal with all the kebab varieties that are gathered together and mixed with regional flavors.
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The Mixed Grill

Nizam Pide, just as Turkey’s first registered pita maker is a company specializing in the field but also in the kebab. For half a century we are offering our customers the best kebabs prepared from the best meats. We take these meats from our country’s best local meat growers and present these gourmet delights to our guests. Nizam Pide, which has always made the use of first class material as a principle in all its products, has succeeded in making even the most satisfied customers who have preferred it for years. All the delicacies of our mixed grilled product are purchased on a daily basis and our special sauces are seasoned to make the meats soft.

You will have a great meal with the Mixed Grill, which consists of delicious ingredients like Adana, Urfa, Wing Grid, Chicken Shish, Lamb Meat Shish and even plenty of ingredients in one serving. We also have bulgur pilaf, onion, roasted pepper and tomatoes in our mixed grill, which has plenty to hold you all day.

With the mixed grill, we recommend you to order the Nizam Pide’s special ice-cold ayran. Besides these tastes, we have plenty of salads and meals. Depending on your choice of palate, you can take advantage of these tastes besides the Mixed Grill. By supplying all of our ingredients from organic and local producers to spices, we are trying to preserve our taste standards that we have not changed for years.

Nizam Pide has 3 branches in Istanbul for the time being. Our spacious branches are located in Harbiye, İstiklal Street and Galatasaray districts. You can also have a nice dinner or lunch by coming to your family with your large group of friends. Our pitas are delicate tastes that are light, yet full of flavor, suitable for consumption at any moment of the day.

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