Dry Apricot Rice Pudding

The dried apricot rice pudding comes out with a great meeting of Nizam’s famous rice paddy and Malatya apricot. You will be amazed by the refreshing effect of the best milk made on the oven milkshake cooked in wood fire and the combination of the flavor of Malatya apricot.
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Dry Apricot Rice Pudding

Turkey’s best rice pudding in the Nizam Pide, making this job for half a century. As Nizam Pide, we try to present our customers the same flavors and consistency without any deterioration with the principle of using semi-close experience and always using quality materials. In this respect, we live the happiness of seeing our regular customers while we are separated from our permanent places. Dry Apricot Rice Pudding product is made with the best milk, sugar and rice materials and contains no additive substances. On top of that, dry apricots are introduced by bringing dry apricots from Malatya personally. This product is produced with plenty of calorie-rich ingredients and even enough to replace a meal.

Nizam Pide, which always uses abundant and high quality products in its products, boils fresh milk from its producers for years. Prepackaged milk is never used in Nizam Pide kitchens. These milks meet only with rice and sugar, no other substance is used. Our sweet masters only obtain an exquisite consistency from these 3 ingredients and empty the mixture into the pot made from the soil. After this process all the pots are heated by the fire of the wood. This is completely cooked in a specially designed natural baking oven until the rice pudding cooks. We give you the guarantee that you will not forget the flavor and smell of that taste for years. After waiting for a day with the milk mixer, dry apricot milk product is obtained and served to our customers.

You can taste our Dry Apricot Rice Pudding and all other gourmet delights as one of the 3 branches of Nizam Pide where the best samples of Turkish Cuisine are exhibited. As Nizam Pide, we serve our customers in the most central 3 districts of Istanbul such as İstiklal Street, Harbiye and Galatasaray. Our spaces are spacious and are suitable for families as well as for crowded groups.

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